Centre of Excellence for Industrial Liason @ Budmouth College
Budmouth College Chickerell Road Weymouth DT4 9SY Tel: 01305 830578

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The CEIL @ Budmouth exists to bridge the gap between education and employment, preparing you for the working environment by developing modern day professional skills and attitudes as part of your College experience. It also aims to help you with your transition from a highly regulated way of living "by the bell and prescription" to one of independence, self-evaluation and initiative. It takes time to change ...

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Our Mission

To inspire students to make the pursuit of excellence a personal quest as part of a journey that unlocks dormant talent and creates an entrepreneurial personal culture.

A Student’s View

The Centre of Excellence for Industrial Liaison gives interns opportunities to explore their strengths and weaknesses in a safe place. Each experience is unique as we focus on what we believe we need to improve. It's very individualist; you have to want it to work. For example, if you have an anxiety about speaking to people, this will be your task, as you will be helped to reduce the anxiety by slowly completing tasks that would initially scare you.

Alana Year 13

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