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December 2015 Scholarships Evening video - edited highlights


An exciting opportunity available through the Centre of Excellence is the chance to take part in the Sir Samuel Mico Scholarship. This offers work placements to help Year 12 and 13 students to gain an understanding of what it is really like to work in areas that they are interested in.

The Scholarship offers four weeks of paid work experience. Scholarship students work 5 days a week for a month in their summer holidays, learning what it is like in a working environment. The students can be placed anywhere, from Bournemouth University to an industrial corporation. They are paid weekly for their work, earning a minimum of £600 and quite often a lot more.

To get the Scholarship placement, Year 12 and 13 students have to apply through the Centre of Excellence with their personal details, career aspirations and a short essay describing their plans for the future, how they think the Scholarship would benefit them and why they believe that they are worthy of receiving it.

Usually, the Centre of Excellence receives over 100 applications. These are narrowed down to around 30 applicants who then have an interview with members of the board of trustees for the Sir Samuel Mico trust and 2 teachers. In this interview they are questioned on their current studies, their future plans and how they believe the Scholarship will help them achieve their ambitions.

This is the hardest stage of the application process and the 30 applicants are narrowed down to just 14. These 14 are offered a placement.

However, the 14 also have to attend a Palm Sunday service in St Mary’s Church, Weymouth and write a blog post for the Centre of Excellence website to be offered their placement. Additionally, they have to be present at a presentation evening the following December to earn their final pay cheque.

By Harriet

The following students have been awarded a scholarship:

Carley, Katie, Charlie, Heather and James.

Timothy, Jamie, Hannah, Brianna, Liberty, Rhys, Rebecca, Joshua, Hazel, and Nicole.

Aaron, Adam, Amy, Anna, Daniel, Emily, Evelina, Joshua, Maisie, Matthew, Michael, and Rhys.

Amy (Advanced), Chris, Danni, Dean, Dervla, Ellen, Emily, Erin, Georgina, Grace, Indeah, Jamie (Advanced), Jeremy, Liam, Mathew (Advanced) and Rowan.

Abi, Alice, Ana, Charlie, Charlotte, Chris, Danni, Greg, Harriet, Karam, Scott, Shara and Tom.

Eli, James, Luke, Mahin, Mathew, Rachel, Rebecca, Rebekah, Rowan (Advanced), Roxanne, Tabitha and Tom (Advanced).

Arthur, Beatrice, Charlotte, Fay, Fred, Grace D, Grace G, Maddie, Nikita, Sam, Sophie, Starr and Thomas.

Alexandra, Bonnie, Bradley, Brodie, Brook, Conor, Ella, Ellie, Fran, Iris, Jack, Jade, Jane, Kyle, Luke, Megan H, Megan P and Tahin.

Jasmine, Nikola, Sam P, Oliver, Ethan, Naomi, Amy, Lauren, Adam, Mollie, Joshua, Marcus, Sam B, Tom F, Emily, Tom E, Jessica, and Isaac.