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To bring together students, business and industry and educators in a relaxed setting intended to support professional needs.

Proposed Format
An 'expert' is invited to deliver a talk of between 30 – 45 minutes duration, allowing sufficient time for a facilitated discussion, either with the whole group or smaller teams.

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A Student's View

The exposure lectures at the CEIL® are something quite innovative at Budmouth. These lectures can vary not only on subject, but audience, purpose etc. adding a variety of depth to them, making each one a new and interesting experience.

They have been on many different topics in the past including mobile technology, what is it is, what it does, and how it affects our future, and on careers in areas such as retail, commercial banking, stock broking, and tax advice.

The lectures are given by university candidates, business owners, managers and others from the surrounding area who come in for our benefit. They want to inform us on our career choices, their
work and a wide breadth of things that no other school or college in the area can provide.

We have all benefited from the lectures in some way, as they give us information on what it’s
like to work in various industries, how to begin hunting for a job, and teaching us how
to get the job we’re seeking.

This is just one of the amazing opportunities that being an intern at the CEIL® gives us access to.

By Ben.

Topics for 2012-14



Facilitated Discussion


Thinking for Winners / Creative thinking techniques


Rosie Barfoot of Training For Results

View the video here

In our organisations what do we need to do to ensure the best possible contribution?

3rd October 2012

"People are our most important asset" - Discuss!!

Mandy Fitzmaurice of Change Partner People Management

View the video here

What do we need to do as individuals to ensure the best possible contribution to our organisations?

14th November 2012

Employability / The right person for the job.

Mandy Fitzmaurice of Change Partner People Management

View the video here

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd in today's job market?

6th February 2013

Social Media / Is there a gulf between young people's perception and the business world?

Linda Parkinson-Hardman of Internet-Mentor

View the video here

What is your perception and how is it impacting on your behaviour?

13th March 2013

Can you make money from the Music Business?

Ann Harrison of Harrisons Entertainment Law Limited

View the video here

A general overview of the kinds of jobs that exist in the music industry; the real truth behind the £1million record deals; what artists really make.

22nd April 2013


Current challenges in Employment Law


Dawn Gallie of Battens Solicitors

View the video here

How can we achieve a balance of the rights of both employees and employers?


24th April 2013


PR isn't all about you…How to make journalists take your call

James Donald of Bournemouth University

View the video here

How you can work with the media in a relationship that benefits both sides, all starting with examining the difference between Marketing and PR. That is the key to PR and the key to understanding how to make journalists take your call.

19th June 2013


Mental Landscapes

Fiona Sutherland of TPM Europe and Great Transformations

View the video here

Discover how your Mental Landscapes can help or hinder your progress

12th June 2013


Why should I bother with LinkedIn?

Andrew Knowles of Write combination

Whether you’re an employer, an employee, a student or self-employed, you ignore LinkedIn at your peril! It is the social network for people looking to buy or sell skills, or to uncover new opportunities. In this free presentation, Andrew Knowles will explain what LinkedIn can do for you, your career and your business.

26th November 2014

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