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Speakers Corner- Intern Video Blogs

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Video blogs are snapshot records from students' experiences of CEIL®.  They are unedited short film episodes in the style of reality TV programmes designed to enable CEIL® interns to improve their speaking abilities. 

They also serve as a true record of intern experience, supporting CEIL® philosophy and approach taken to preparing young people for the world that awaits them outside the school gates!

1. Lucy Pitts - Waking up in CEIL® - Realizing my future.  Five snapshots.
(Please click on the links below to view the vlogs)

- Intern Vlog Introduction
- Intern Vlog 2
- Intern Vlog 3
- Intern Vlog 4
- Intern Vlog Conclusion

2. George and Charlotte - Rising to the CEIL® challenge.  Why it's worth it.

- Intern Vlog 1

3. 'Your Interview' is a light hearted creative animation with a serious message authored by Arthur Greenhalf, a CEIL intern 2015-2017. 

- Intern Vlog

4. 'My Personal view of CEIL', Charlotte Cranny Evans

- Intern Vlog

5. My Personal view of CEIL, Amy Blake

- Intern Vlog